steel modular kitchen chennai

Steel modular kitchen chennai
Steel modular kitchen chennai
Steel modular kitchen chennai
Steel modular kitchen chennai

steel modular kitchen chennai

Modular Kitchen is a term that is used to refer modern kitchen furniture.

The kitchen layout consisting multiple cabinets which was made up of diversified materials like plywood, real wood, rubber wood, aluminium steel modular kitchen chennai etc.

And also it had kitchen accessories inside, which is used to facilitate the kitchen usage in effective manner and it gives elegant look to the spaces in a kitchen.

When it comes to steel modular kitchen which is completely made by stainless steel it is a new age and contemporary method to make modular kitchen. steel modular kitchen chennai

Benefits of steel Modular Kitchen ?

Hygienic Environment

  • Steel modular kitchen will keep your home zero emission free for your entire lifetime. And it gives you very hygienic environment to your space.

Fire Proof

  • When it comes to Steel modular kitchen it totally gives you highly Fire resistant quality.

Pest Free

  • You can easily get rid of some of the harmful pest control applications that we used on the construction process. And the steel kitchens are 100 percent pest proof.

Water Resistant

  • Bluefox products had low water sensitivity and it will deal with problems that we face by the water splitting and something over the kitchen. If you go for steel kitchen you can wash our entire kitchen and cabinets on your way by yourself.


  • Our products are carefully made by the material stainless steel which is often used medical equipments so that you don’t worry about the quality of the material that we used to make the kitchen.  And we gives you warranty of 15 years on manufacturing defects.

Noise Free

  • Steel modular kitchens are entirely sounded resistant. If steel kitchen comes up to you then you don’t really feel about the sounds that the older days kitchens make.

Multi color

  • Steel kitchens are come up with epoxy painting methodology. so that it has in multiple color options that will matches with your choice of room color and some other concerns. Comes to designing and production it gives high quality and rich standards.

Eco friendly

  • There is no chemicals are used in our products in the kitchen making or installation process.  So to be honest with you we don’t want to disturb your environment when we making your kitchens.

Types of Modular Kitchen

Modular kitchens are available in various concepts and types depending upon their plan and layout, the following types of kitchens will help you to choose the best things when you going to kitchen buying process.

Straight kitchen

You can easily watch these type kitchens around your neighborhoods because this was the kitchen type that we highly use during the past days. It had a easy workflow itself. So it was very popular module in past and now.

Parallel kitchen

It was a very smaller version of U shape kitchen and Straight kitchen. The counter tops of parallel kitchen were two and it had a very long working area. It is very relates to straight kitchen. Work triangle is placed on an effective manner.

L-Shaped kitchen

L shaped layout is the most commonly used kitchen layout; this was the most probable way of kitchens when it comes to small kitchens. It gives you larger space so that multiple persons or more peoples can easily approach this module.

U-Shaped Kitchen

When it comes to large area U shaped kitchens are usually chose by the interior designers because it has a very large handling space so that we can assemble number of accessories as much as possible. It has a very perfect work triangle for that we can use that space as much as we want.

Island Kitchen

Island kitchen means simply it was look like an island. That’s why it was called as a island kitchen. Look and design based it will gives you very rich and elegant look. So that peoples are very keen interest on these types of kitchens.

It has a breakfast table along side. And this is a collaboration of straight and L type kitchen. And it also consider as an open kitchen.

G-Shaped or Peninsula kitchen

G-shaped kitchen is much related to an island kitchen.  Major differentiation from other kitchen types to G-Shaped or Peninsula kitchen was breakfast table. It is very suitable for places like very small and we can’t afford to place a dining table in the kitchen room.steel modular kitchen chennai

Types of materials used to make a Modular Kitchen ?

 The major focus when it comes to designing a modular kitchen you have to understand which type of materials used to make modular kitchen. We have to see it on a quality angle and also based on our need. This was the very fundamental when you really wants to do modular kitchen. Having a clear knowledge on the materials that we going to make your kitchen will help you to create a durable and affordable range of kitchens.

More often wood materials are used to make the modular kitchen all over the world. But now a days there are thousands of material grades are available in the market. So we give you what were the highly used materials in the market. Here we go.steel modular kitchen chennai


  • Plywood is a type of strong thin wooden board consisting of two or more layers just like an onion. When we peel the onion It has multiple layers plywood also just like a onion template it has multiple layers of wood pieces that compressed in a particular pressure and circumstances in the factory . The quality of plywood is very equivalent to real wood so that we don’t worry about the plywood concept that they using in the making process.
  • So majority of the kitchens are made-up of only by plywood’s. If you really want to do modular kitchen you can go to plywood’s simply.

Medium Density Fiber Board (MDF)

  • MDF or medium density fiber board was an engineered wood that was totally made by wood fibers. When it comes to pricing MDF is cheaper than plywood. When we consider on a quality basis MDF is far more better than particle board and PVC materials.
  • MDF boards have a very smooth surface and texture and it will gives you very elegant look to your furniture’s. And you can easily integrate with laminates that you like. Laminates are simply known as decorative mica sheets that you can choose Varity of designs


  • When we go to aluminium for modular kitchen it has en number of advantages in design wise and quality wise. Because aluminums’ are against as water and harmful pests that we faced on our regular home life.
  • When it comes to money aluminium kitchens little bit costlier than plywood. If you want Hygienic Environment, Fire Proof, Pest Free, Water Resistant, Durability, Noise Free, Multi color, Eco friendly qualities aluminium kitchens are very suitable to your requirement.

Stainless Steel

  • Stainless steel kitchens have become more famous in nowadays. It is 100 percent noise free and fire proof. When it comes to design and look it gives you elegant output for your home.
  • But if you go to these types of kitchens you have to consider the price tag of the kitchen.  However it gives you 100 % quality on usage and durability.steel modular kitchen chennai

Solid Wood

  • Solid wood are nothing but a raw wood. It gives you elegant and rich look to your home. But when it comes to price it is costlier than plywood, aluminium, particle board and MDF. The quality of the materials are very great and rich. When you want nature in your home real woods are best choice for you.
  • The kitchen cabinets are made up of fully solid wood. There are only two categories’ in real wood one is hard wood and another one is solid wood.
  • Solid wood kitchen gives you classy and furnished appeal to you space.

Particle Board

  • Particle Boards are made by wood fibers (large) or saw dust. And the entire process is conducted in exclusive factories that they specialized in making of particle board. Particle Boards are also be in plain and Pre-laminated variety sheets. It has lower density, and medium strength. It was very light weighted so that it was mostly used to make light weighted furniture’s.
  • The durability period is very low when it comes to particle board. So if you want modular kitchen you can go to MDF instead of particle board. Cost wise MDF and particle boards are nearly same.

PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride)

  • PVC is a shorter version of poly vinyl chloride. PVC was a kind of plastic with lesser weight and very cost effective. Now a days the entire modular kitchens are made up of only by PVC. If you only focusing on money so that you can go to PVC modular kitchens.
  • Because it doesn’t give elegant and rich looks compared to plywood, aluminium and steel kitchens. But it will give very decent and genuine output for your home.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Modular Kitchen?

Planning an interior design of a new house is very time taking process. Each and every part of your home is very important. Because you are the one who is going to live in your whole life in house. So we have to consider more effectively than our interior contractor.

So when it comes to modular kitchens it has their own pros and cons or advantages’ and disadvantages. But most of the peoples are didn’t know about what was really modular kitchen so they possibly go to their contractors choice or engineers choice. Then after some days goes on they can easily realize what their mistakes in the house interior was before they made.

So for those reasons we want to help you what are all the pros and cons of modular kitchen when we go to build.


  • The main and major advantage of steel modular kitchen chennai is it gives you very large cooking area without clutter and well-defined look.
  • steel modular kitchen chennai are available in variety of finishes, colors and patterns. so that you can bring beautiful environment in your kitchen area.
  • When It comes to modular kitchen it is very easy to access which means it is easy to assemble, reassemble and easily relocate when you want change your house in one place to another place.
  • If any of the accessories of your modular kitchen goes not working it can be easily replaced.
  • Compared to traditional kitchens that we used on our older days these steel modular kitchen chennai are very easy to clean with effortless work.
  • Modular kitchens have very large storage area through that you can store large number accessories that we used to make cooking.


  • Having a modular kitchen is more expensive. You have to pay the interior designers that they help you to design a kitchen. And you need to pay your kitchen accessories and materials that they going to build your kitchen
  • Modular kitchen is not a regular product like you go and buy something on the shops on the road side. You have to understand the layout of kitchen, right interior designer and right accessories and materials for your kitchen.
  • Replacing your modular kitchens affected part is very easy but the cost of the replacement is little bit high based on your requirement.
  • If you really want long durable kitchen you have to keep your kitchen space bright and new. And clean it on a regular basis. If you use so much oil and spices to make your food it will ruin your kitchens brightness and cleanness. So you have to clean the kitchen after the cooking is done.

Why Blufox Interio?

Oh!! You really want to read this?? Then it’s our pleasure to explain why you really need to go with BLUFOX INTERIO.

Pioneer of modular kitchens

We have over 15 years of experience in this steel modular kitchen chennai field. We have a factory unit to manufacturing our kitchen materials that we used on the modular kitchen making process.

Fully factory made

We can give you quality products because each and every material that we uses are fully machine made. For that there is no possibility for human error in our products.

Surprising price tags

All our products were made by our own factory. So that we can meet our customers at very reasonable price tags. For that reason only we had n number of customers in our portfolio.

Contemporary & evolutionary products

When it comes to modular kitchens 99% of interior contractors are only using decorative sheets to give a proper finish to kitchen exterior. But the durability of the decorative sheets is 10 or 15 years only and the collections are limited. But if you comes up to bluefox Interio we recommend our customers to PU coating because it has perfect finish and number of color options are available. And it will survive minimum 30 years surely steel modular kitchen chennai