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We take by the motto of ‘ Love All – Serve All ‘, whether you go ahead with our work or not ; we shall suggest you what we know is the most efficient solution for your Modular Kitchen. We do make profits, but not at the cost of our Integrity, Principles and our Goodwill. What you pay, we make sure you get the best. We will justify every penny you spend on your Modular Kitchen. Our Vision to make modular kitchens affordable for the Middle Class segment, everyone can afford a Modular Kitchen, hence we want the people at the grassroots level to afford Modular Kitchen Salem.


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We these days put as the most Trusted trademark in the Modular Kitchen manufacturing with producing and supplying over 2000 Kitchens per year. We understand selected work and are most referred company in Salem India. With Customers across India and increasing, we have initiated exports to our neighboring Cities. With enthusiastic and loyal Team members, Our intention is to make your Modular kitchen as More functional and feature as your time. You’re Support and Love has made us Salem Largest Modular Kitchen Salem.

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Island Kitchen

An island gives a luxury look to the kitchen but its layout typically involves more space than is available in a small kitchen. This plan which is more suited to medium sized kitchens may still give you some ideas that you can include into your final kitchen design Modular Kitchen Salem.

Straight Kitchen

A straight kitchen is a single line of cabinets. As the name suggests, a galley is normally long and narrow. However, the design can function as a well-organized and sleek kitchen. It’s best to split the cooking and sink area with ends of work surface. This design still gives plenty of storage space and it can suit busy cooks who like everything close to hand you may include either glassy wall units or open shelving to prevent the room from feeling hemmed in. It´ll create a sense of space and open up the design.

Parallel Kitchen

With cabinets along two opposite walls, a parallel kitchen offers more storage space, such as spread out depths and cabinet heights. This can provide great options for a variety of cooking activities and storage as well as preventing your kitchen room feeling like a corridor. A tall, floor-to-ceiling larder holds a surprising amount of provisions and is best located at the end of a run of base units so that when the door is opened it won’t obstruct or restrict movement around the rest of the kitchen. Lighting can make or break both the aesthetics and functions of a double galley kitchen. Plinth lighting and illuminated, glazed wall cabinets will open up the scheme and create a spacious feel.

L-Shape Kitchen

A practical and popular layout that offers good storage and ergonomics, and provides a very effective working triangle. It works efficiently in small kitchens and in a larger room allows space for a dining table, so it´s good for families and entertaining.

U-Shape Kitchen

An effective U-Shaped layout typically involves more space than is available in a small kitchen. This plan which is more suited to medium sized kitchens may still give you some ideas that you can incorporate into your final kitchen design Modular Kitchen Salem.


At Merlok Modular Kitchen, We take care of your Modular kitchen work from the start. At the most initial stage, our team of modular kitchen interior designers would measure your kitchen and give you a sketch. This measurement must be done by a specialized and not any mature; though it is a simple sketch but it requires expert knowledge and information re the measurement process.

We provide you hassle free solution for your Modular Kitchen and make the process of procuring your modular kitchen quiet simplified. Everything from step 1 to step 10 would be handled by our different dedicated departments. Proper and efficient Modular Kitchen measurement is a very integral part of complete modular kitchen implementation work. Though it may be just fairly accurate, but is lays the foundation for further designing processes Modular Kitchen Salem.


Customers must keep in mind that installation and assembly must be done by professional’s installers only. No matter how expensive the modular kitchen may be, if the installers are amateurs the assembling of the modular kitchen may turn out to be a failure. Nowadays, there are many customers opting for latest fittings which need professional training and practical implementations. The Implementers and Installers at the Merlok Modular  Kitchen Company have assembled more than 2000 Modular Kitchen Salem – Tamil Nadu. We assure you the best in class installation and further course of optimal practice usage. Customers must keep in mind that installation and assembly must be done by professional’s installers only. No matter how expensive the kitchen may be, if the installers are amateurs the assembling of the Modular kitchen may turn out to be a disaster. Nowadays, there are many customers opting for latest fittings which need professional training and practical implementations. The Implementers and Installers at the Merlok Modular Kitchen Company have assembled more than 2000 budget modular kitchen Salem- Tamil Nadu. We assure you the best in class installation and further course of optimal practice usage.


Follow these four steps and you’ll be whipping up a beef wellington in your new kitchen in no time.

Measure It

Measuring the Kitchen correctly is a pre-requisite, without which everything else fails. In management the first step planning and the last step controlling are most important which enable to work to be done in order. Same in the department of Modular Kitchen, planning and designing the layout is the most important. In the recent years, we have observed that many companies which are well known have been reported to have lost goodwill due to miss-management in measuring the kitchens properly. The Architect or the kitchen designer should be experienced and a pro of his field to have foolproof design and a layout. Everything from ordering, material planning and kitchen installation depends on correct measurement. Hence, we have a special department taking care of all the gritty in measurement and designing of a modular kitchen.

Plan It

Planning is the first step before we initiate any work in the field of modular kitchen. Our Team would sit down with the customer and discuss on the points which the need in their Kitchen. We must plan how many units are to there, as to which materials to use like sinks, fittings, finishes, appliances, counter tops, handles etc. These must be carefully selected as kitchen once designed would be initiated to the next step which is ordering. Hence, planning must be once and it must be final.

Ordering It

After designing and planning, we order the kitchen to our production Unit. Usually a kitchen takes about 8 – 10 days in the product cycle as many orders might be in the pipeline. This is an important stage where your kitchen is given the industrial finish and perfection from all angles.

Install It

At last, the material including your kitchen carcass and shutters land up on your site. Our Experienced installers would then start the installation work which may take up to 2 – 3 days. After the installation is over, you may take a demo on your kitchen usage including tips on how to clean your kitchen and how to maintain it for a good period of time budget modular kitchen salem.

Selecting Counter Top


There are many options available to consider when it comes to selecting a kitchen worktop.

The foremost is budget, and this will control the type of material you choose. The second is the features and benefits like – how low maintenance do you want it to be – and the third is the look – what colour and texture you want, along with any design details such as edge moulding, sweeping curves or the latest thin edged profile.

You may want your kitchen’s worktop to complement your cabinets or you may prefer a contrasting colour – try as many different samples as you can, and you may find something you never considered before.

Current trends

Quartz is popular material for kitchen counter tops. With a spotlight on neutral tones, it offers a look that sits perfectly alongside the raft of contemporary furniture available, from high gloss finishes through to natural timbers. White quartz is always popular, as it offers a clean, crisp look perfect for kitchens.

Thickness and depth

The thickness and depth of counter tops is playing an important role in the kitchen With modern materials such as Silestone and other solid surfaces, extra deep islands and peninsular units can be created .their thickness may vary between 16mm to 60 inches or more. These are perfect for accommodating the latest downdraft extractors that are seamlessly integrated into the worktop to avoid having a large overhanging extractor, creating an altogether more streamlined look.


your countertop should be placed at a height which is comfortable for woking.Varying the height of your worktop not only offers practical benefits but aesthetic ones, too. Getting it right however, is all down to good planning and the skills of a professional kitchen installers. Ergonomically, it’s important to have the correct height for different tasks. The standard worktop height is designed to work and cook at. The same level is not comfortable to sit at on a bar stool or chair and long-term use could potentially lead to bad posture or health problems.

When varying the height of worktops for different zones, consider the materials to suit them. Granite is the perfect surface for baking, as it is always cool. If there’s a large expanse of a black worktop, introduce lighter tones, texture and a different height to break up the dark area and add interest to the scheme.

Mix and match

Mixing materials is a growing trend, adding interest and texture to schemes and preventing the look from being overpowered by one material. It may also potentially help to reduce the cost of worktops. For example, granite is a premium material that comes with a premium price, so introducing areas in timber will not only make a feature in the scheme but may also be more affordable.


Granite worktops are incredibly popular,as they are both strong and durable. It’s also a great choice for keen cooks, as its cold surface is perfect for pastry making. Each slab of granite will be unique, as it’s a natural stone, so expect different veining and colour from the samples you see. It also needs to be well looked after, as it can scratch and stain easily, but just make sure you use chopping boards for prepping and trivets with hot pans and always check that it’s been pre-sealed before installation.


Marble worktops are available in a choice of four materials and are ideal for adding a beautiful, natural look to your kitchen. Your marble worktop is special and needs to be cared for, so speak to your local Second Nature specialist for more information on how to look after it.


Quartz worktops are also available in a range of edge profiles. This man-made granite alternative offers various benefits, such as greater colour consistency. Silestone quartz, for example, is available in over 60 colours and has the added benefit of built-in antibacterial protection. Quartz is also highly stain resistant and scratch resistant, too, but as with all worktops, take extra care and always use chopping boards and trivets just in case.

Acrylic Solid Surface

Acrylic solid surface perfect for creating fluid shapes, curves and flowing lines. As they are man-made, the colours and patterns are consistent and the joints are invisible, providing a seamless finish that can be clubbed with matching integrated sinks to create the impression of one single piece. This makes it really hygienic, too, as there are no gaps or joins for dirt and bacteria to hide in. The latest flush-fit hobs are also the perfect partner for these surfaces Modular Kitchen Salem.

Kitchen Storage Space Planing

When planning a new kitchen, choosing the right kitchen storage options will be at the very top of the list of things you and your designer will want to consider. Considered and accessible storage is crucial to an ergonomic design.

For many of us, the kitchen is the hub of the home – a central meeting point where the family comes together at the end of the day – so it’s important to create a well-organised space that is not only a pleasure to use but also assists our increasingly busy lifestyles. Take a walk around your current kitchen and think about what works and what doesn’t. Where should things ideally be placed for a better flow? It makes sense to keep plates near the dishwasher for easy unloading, baking trays close to the oven for cooking and condiments beside the hob for instant seasoning. These are all things that can be put in place once you begin to plan your new kitchen.

Space management

With the growing trend towards open-plan kitchens, where the cooking and preparation areas extend into a living and/or dining space, it’s more important than ever to get your storage sorted. As the kitchen area is always on show, you want a sleek, seamless finish with clutter concealed from view.

Zone in

Start by breaking the kitchen down into different zones for different activities – prepping, cooking, washing, dining, relaxing and even working – and you’ll soon see that your storage has to work even harder to maximise the space available and the efficiency of each area. Think about all the items you need storage solutions for – from food preparation and eating to relaxing, doing homework with the children and catching up on paperwork, the kitchen has to accommodate everything from dry ingredients and fresh foods to crockery and cookware, right through to stationery, laptops, DVDs and children’s toys if you have an open-plan scheme. Storage should always be flexible wherever possible and even the smallest of spaces can incorporate intelligent designs that maximise capacity and accessibility. Let’s start from the inside out…


Modern-day pantries are the perfect solution for dried foods and tea and coffee canisters, which would otherwise take up valuable worktop space. Double-door larders and breakfast cupboards can even be used to house the toaster, coffee machine and condiments with cold marble or granite surfaces perfect for pastry rolling.

Larders and Pull-outs

Kitchen larders are making a major comeback with a recent surge in popularity following the growing trend to ‘eat in’. As more of us cook and entertain at home, there has been an increase in the demand for dedicated food storage. Equipped with anti-slip shelves, effortless action and soft-close doors and drawers, the focus is on easy access and efficient ergonomics. There are pull-out larders, tandem larders and swing larders to choose from depending on your kitchen size, shape and style. It’s amazing what you can fit into a pull-out larder unit. They are designed to maximise storage capacity in a single space, which in turn saves you time as you can quickly find what you are looking for. Slimline pull-outs are great for filling in space at the end of a run of units while tandem larders are incredibly versatile and are available in a number of heights and widths to accommodate all kitchen layouts. They hide so much away yet keep everything organised and easy to access.

Corner cupboards

There’s no excuse to lose any space in a corner cabinet, as there is a wide variety of clever solutions for both base and wall units. Curved cabinets and worktops are one of the latest trends in kitchen design, especially for island units, so a bespoke corner system can be created to suit. Le Mans and magic corners are great for corner base units, where pots and pans can be difficult to reach. These easy-action carousels can rotate 360˚ and swivel out from the cabinet when the door is opened, making it quick and easy to find that elusive fish kettle! They can also be used to store small appliances such as juicers, blenders and mixers, which frees up space on the worktop. This will enable you to have more room for preparation as well as displaying the statement pieces that you really love.

Drawer fittings

Think about your needs in terms of drawer storage. Deep pan drawers are perfect for bulky and awkwardly shaped pots and pans, cutlery inserts are ideal for cutlery and utensils, peg systems and plate holders can be used to keep crockery in place while bespoke designs can create anything from personalised spice racks to engraved wooden bread bins.


Now it’s even easier to sort your paper from your plastic with a pull-out recycling bin with different compartments for different waste. Look for a generous capacity and colour-coded lids for ease of use.

Building Kitchen Extension

there are many ways in which you can make the maximum use of the small kitchen, you may be thinking about building an extended kitchen to get the space you want. Extending your kitchen kitchen not only provides more options for cooking but it can also provide an space for dining &relaxing. Some extensions will have doors opening onto the balcony or garden which brings the outside atmosphere in, it simply create a more flexible space for the whole family to enjoy.

Explore through

There are various options to explore for achieving more kitchen space before building a kitchen extension. The simplest and cheapest is to put up a stud partition wall between the kitchen and dining room to create kitchen-living room. Many people prefer this open style of living to having a separate formal dining room and you’ll need to consult a structural engineer to ensure that the dividing wall isn’t load bearing. If it is, you can install a rolled steel joist, which will act as a support instead of the wall, but this will bring more disruption and additional cost.

Adding on

If your kitchen is adjacent to terrace, filling in the side return can transform what was an awkward galley into a wider, brighter kitchen that could be large enough to include a dining area or living space. A glazed roof over the side return or a series of skylights will allow more natural light to flood in.

Extending out

If there is adequate room on your plot and you have the finances, adding a large extension onto your home is possibly the best way to create ample space to plan your perfect kitchen. Adding characteristics such as decorative doors leading onto the garden is a wonderful way to bring the outside in and in the summer, it will provide the perfect dining experience, whatever the weather! Try to stay in keeping with the period and style of your property.

Planning permission

Whatever the extent of the renovation you are thinking about, you should always get permission from your local planning body. Planning regulations can vary considerably from region to region so don’t assume that just because an extension may have been acceptable in a previous property in a different area, that the same rules will apply to where you live now.

Practical points

Always start by setting yourself a realistic budget and make sure you have a emergency fund in place for any unexpected costs. If you are knocking through or adding on, look at the services available within the room – these are the electrics, plumbing, drains and gas connections. If they need to be moved, is this possible and affordable? When it comes to the new layout, work out what you love and, more importantly, make sure about the issues faced in the existing kitchen , these issues are addressed and improved in the new design.

Island life

Once you have a bigger space at your disposal, try to include an island into your new kitchen design. These multifunctional units can be used for all sorts of things, from providing additional prep space to incorporating a sink and hob on top with oven, dishwasher, wine cabinet and fridge drawers below. They are also great for casual dining with a set of bar stools and ideal for entertaining, as you can cook and chat with guests at the same time.

Light fantastic

Lighting is a key consideration and is something that can make a huge difference to the overall ambience of a kitchen renovation. Take time to assess the amount of natural light that comes into the area you are looking to extend into at different times of the day. This will not only impact on how much and where artificial lighting is required, but also how the kitchen is laid out. For instance, you may wish to position the dining table or main workspace where the most natural light comes in Modular Kitchen Salem.

Long-term gain

A kitchen extension is a major investment, so ask yourself what you want to achieve with the new space. When, how often and what will the renovated kitchen will be used for? These are all key questions, as your new space must deliver in terms of what is demanded from it. Don’t just look at what’s required right now, but also think about future-proofing the interior and consider the changing dynamics of your family and whether your home life will be dramatically different in five or ten years time. You may need somewhere for young children to play now but in years to come you will also need somewhere for them to do their homework and relax with friends. And finally There are many things to consider when planning a kitchen extension but the most important is to try to have fun with the process, don’t get stressed at the little things and improve what’s already in place.

Modular Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lightning

Kitchen lighting is an essential element in defining the “feel” of a home. The kitchen is often where all the action is. It’s where food is cooked, it’s often where food is eaten and the focal point of family life. And of course everyone gravitates to the kitchen at parties Modular Kitchen Salem.

A general distinction can be made between a food preparation kitchen and an “eat-in” kitchen. Individual lighting is therefore what is needed. It should be functional for preparing and cooking the food, and it should also create a pleasant atmosphere for family mealtimes or chats with friends


Ceiling fixtures in the kitchen are ideal for illuminating walkways. Different fixture groupings for work surfaces, walls and walkways provide the perfect combination. Wall lights should be used to avoid creating shadows


In eat-in kitchens the table plays an important role. Ceiling fixtures or pendant fixtures should be used here. The latter ensure that the surface of the table is properly illuminated. Height-adjustable fixtures and dimmable light can be adapted to suit different needs and create a pleasant atmosphere around the table. Switching and dimming individual fixtures or groups of fixtures separately enables the table and its surroundings to be illuminated in different ways to suit different requirements. And we all know that we eat with our eyes first so correct color rendering is an important factor here.


Lighting for cupboards and shelves in the kitchen not only creates a pleasant atmosphere it also makes it easier to find cutlery and utensils. Cupboards can be spotlighted from above. Spotlights can also be used for dramatic effect on glass-fronted cupboards. Individual downlights in wall cupboards or directly above work surfaces can be used to illuminate glasses and decorative items, creating further interest. Indirect lighting from the tops of cupboards up onto the ceiling adds to the warm atmosphere in the kitchen. Grouped and individually switchable fixtures for cupboards, shelves and display cabinets can meet the different lighting requirements and combine a feel-good atmosphere with greater safety


Working in the kitchen calls for proper illumination of work surfaces. It is important here to avoid any annoying shadows. Shadows are a problem if a kitchen is lit only by a central ceiling fixture. Under cabinet lights should therefore be used to illuminate work surfaces. They direct their light straight down onto the work surface, reduce the risk of injury and make it easier to prepare meals. The light should also offer good colour rendering to make it easier to judge the quality of food Modular Kitchen Salem.

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