Modular Kitchen in Erode 2023

Are you looking for a Modular Kitchen in salem? we are experienced in manufacturing Modular Kitchens in salem over past five years. We make Kitchen carcasses, Modular kitchen shutters, Kitchen Furniture, and Modular Bedrooms. We design artistic and productive layout and residential designs in an impressive way.👈

We have exclusive the best raw materials and creative designs that perfectly suits your living space. We have given dream colors and finishes to make the most dramatic kitchen room.👈

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4 types of Modular Kitchen for 2023🔔
     1. PVC Modular Kitchen
     2. Wodden Modular Kitchen
     3. Aluminium Modular Kitchen
     4. WPC Modular Kitchen
1. PVC Modular Kitchen 📌

PVC Modular Kitchen is currently very popular. Factors such as water proof and termite proof are helping to its development. And its  low price tag turns most people go on it.💡

Example: people who they consider price on main focus they often go with PVC.👈

2. Wodden Modular Kitchen 📌

Not all of you need to know about Wooden Modular Kitchen. Because 90 per cent of the modular kitchens only set by plywood. This kind of modular kitchen is available in over a thousand colors.💡

Example: if you have very bigger kitchen then plywood only satifying your expectations.👈

3. Aluminium Modular Kitchen📌

Do you want a modular kitchen that can last for long? Problems like rusting should not be 100%?

If so, Aluminum Modular Kitchen should be the right choice for you.💡

Note: but the time of installtion should take minimum 15 days to 45 days depends on your design.👈

4. WPC Modular Kitchen 📌

WPC Modular Kitchen is a great alternative to wooden modular kitchen. It is a 100% water proof material. Nowadays, it is very popular among people.💡

Note: when it comes to WPC we can use the panels as carcass without having laminate sheets.👈

PVC vs Plywood which is best for Modular kitchen- Click Here

If you want to set up a Modular Kitchen in Erode, call us  🤚96003 99153🤚.

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Conclusion 🎙️

Each material has a number of advantages and disadvantages. So the customer is only there to decide what he wants.👈

Anyone can find information on the website today. So think twice and decide.👈

Q & A 🔔

1. How many days needed for installing a kitchen? 🗨️

Minimum 15 days  to maximum 45 days depends on your kitchen size & site condition. 💡

2. is you give a design for our kitchen? 🗨️

Yes, we will give you 3D & 2D designs depends on your requirement.💡

Why Merlok Interiors 🔔

Entire family people access the Kitchen. Kitchen is a most important and more consumed place of the house. so asking why we need a modular kitchen instead of a normal kitchen not a really sensible question. So here are some unique qualities that’s varies merlok interiors from some other players.

1.Fully factory made kitchens⚡

2.On time delivery⚡

3.Multiple material options⚡

4.we really saves your time & money by giving right practical advices⚡

Buying process of Modular Kitchen 🔔

1.Once you decides go for Modular Kitchen  drop a mail or you can contact with us through whatsapp or call. Our skilled technical supervisor visit site & have a discussion with your opinions and take the measurement as per your requirement and also clarify your doubts about kitchen.💡

2.After we suggesting the various layouts, components and materials of the modular kitchen. And then you have to finalize the design for manufacturing process of your kitchen cabinets.💡

Once your approvals on the design and  advance payment, the designer will send a team of technicians to your place for actual measurements which is called production measurement.💡

3.And then our well skilled and efficient installation team will assemble your kitchen with in 24-48 hours at your home, it varies from site to site & your type of requirement.💡

After Enquire with us 🔔

1.An experienced interior designer from Bluefox Interio visits the site, take measurement and understand requirements through several discussions.💡

He incorporates client’s requirements into suitable design as per shape and size of the Modular Kitchen. Once the client is completely satisfied with the drawings and specifications, company produces assembled or factory made Modular Kitchen at your door step .💡

2.A team of experienced technicians perform installation at site in perfect co-ordination. This professional interior design work can be execute within 2 days of finalization of drawings. 💡