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Aluminium partition Coimbatore 🔥🔥 💰💰

Aluminum partitioning is done using the aluminum profile. Made from aluminum, its longevity is very high. You know very well that aluminum does not rust. Aluminum is also durable and long lasting. Most of the everyday materials we use are made of aluminum. So in today’s time, aluminum is a well known material.👈

You can feel free to call us for an Aluminum Partition. We have done a lot of aluminum partition work in Coimbatore areas. Most small-scale offices are made of aluminum partition. The labor led to the development of aluminum.👈

5 Reasons to go aluminium partision 🔔
   1. Rust free
   2. Termite free
   3. Economical price
   4. Long lasting
   5. Fastest installation
1. Rust free 📌

The most important reason is something you all know.💡

This means that aluminum is always stainless. This is the reason why aluminum has grown to such an extent. If you skip this and go to the iron, it will definitely rust.💡

If the iron is not properly maintained or the stains are kept in place, the condition of the iron may become worse. This is why most people choose aluminum as the most important reason.💡

Note: Aluminium is 100% waterproof by default itself.👈

2. Termite free 📌

Blackboard pests are the biggest nuisance when working with cupboards using plywood and MDF. Although not an immediate nuisance, the long days, one to two years, can become a major nuisance.💡

Therefore, the material you choose should be one such tree that is not affected by any insects. But if we take aluminum, it is 100% unaffected by any insects such as cane or crustaceans.💡

So aluminum partition is the best choice for you.💡

Note:if you want to deal a termite issues in your office go with aluminium partition 👈

3. Economical price 📌

The price of aluminum is very low compared to plywood. The time taken to do the woodworking and the number of workmen involved is very high. And in terms of wood work, elegance is an unbreakable rule. So only a skilled carpenter can make the right decision.💡

But aluminum is not. It is already made in large factories and then sold to shops. So this is a ready-made material. This is why we say you should choose an aluminum partition. And the cost is many times cheaper compared to woodworking.💡

Note:it is very lower price tag than pvc & plywoods. 👈

4. Long lasting 📌

Long lasting is not just a word. We buy a commodity with hard work and money. The furniture produced at that time was of very high quality and the price was slightly higher. But today the situation is not like that, the quality is very cheap. It is cheap as well.💡

So when we apply aluminum here, its life span is many years longer than plywoood. The reason for that is the characterization of aluminum. Therefore, aluminum is a boon for customers who are looking for long-lasting products.💡

Example: We actually saw an office which aluminium partitioned 15 years before, but we actually 5 years old in this field ha! ha!👈

4. Fastest installation 📌

Aluminum construction is the fastest form of construction. Construction can be completed much sooner than you think. Because aluminum is manufactured in factories and then sold to traders.💡

So from the day we buy aluminum, we can start using it. An office space of one thousand square feet requires a maximum of ten days for partitioning.💡

Note: we can make it 1000 sft aluminium partions 10 days maximum if the design finalized.👈

Conclusion 🎙

Generally, aluminum can last a long time. So we do not need to tell anyone about the working capacity of aluminum.💡

Get your vehicle right now and go to the market, where nearly 90 percent of the offices are set up with an aluminum partition only.💡

If you want to set up an Aluminum Partition in Coimbatore, contact mobile number ✋96003 99153✋

You can also contact us via WhatsApp – ✋96003 99153✋

1. Is aluminium partition cheaper than plywood made partition for office? 🗨

Directly says yes, but it is almost cheaper, almost equal to PVC. 200 to 300 range of price tag Depending on where you live.💡

2. Is aluminium water proof? 🗨

To be honest with you, it is not just water  proof it is one hundred percent water proof material.💡

Vinyl Flooring In Coimbatore Thu, 19 Mar 2020 15:25:09 +0000
Vinyl Flooring In Coimbatore ⚡⚡⚡

Looking for vinyl flooring in Coimbatore? If so, you have come to the right place. We have many years of experience with vinyl flooring. We have done countless projects in Coimbatore.👈

If you prefer vinyl flooring for your home or office or commercial area, you can contact us on mobile number 96003 99153. Feel free to call us.  we are one of the leading vinyl flooring dealers in Coimbatore.👈

4 Advatages Of Vinyl Flooring and Its Benefits💎💎

You will surely have heard of floor planes like tiles, granite or marble. Have you ever wondered how to get rid of these and put on a new kind of floor ??👈

Or are there other ground sites besides these? Awareness of vinyl flooring is currently on the rise. Here are four important benefits of vinyl flooring.💡

4 advantages of Vinyl flooring ⚡⚡
2.Water resistant
3.Very low cost
4.Easy installation

Low Maintenance, ie wet mop use can clean the ground. Liquid items can be wiped off even if they spill on the floor. Therefore, vinyl flooring is best suited for cleaning.💡

Note:But it is not advisable for sunlight area like open area, balcony etc.👈

2.Water resistant📌

vinyl flooring is water resistant. So like laminate flooring, you don’t have to worry about water splashing. Easily clean with cloth or mob.💡

Example: You can use your reqular floor cleaning mobs.👈

3.Very low cost📌

Compared to laminate flooring, vinyl flooring is relatively inexpensive. So if you are looking for a low budget flooring for your home or hall area, then vinyl flooring is the best choice.💡

Note: Let say if wooden flooring you 1000 rupees the vinyl flooring will be 5000 around bucks only.👈

4.Easy installation📌

As for vinyl flooring, insatallation is only possible in one day. A thousand square feet area can be completed in a single day or a maximum of two days.

If you prefer quick flooring, you can choose vinyl flooring without hesitation.💡

Example: We can install 1000 sft vinyl flooring all by very single day. 👈


So the flooring of the verb is best suited for home use. And the cost is worth it. Vinyl flooring is particularly suitable for the reception area.👈

Available in a variety of thicknesses, you can choose the right thickness for you.👈

If u want to set up a Vinyl Flooring at your flooring area in Coimbatore call us ✋96003 99153✋.

You can also chat with us via whatapp  ✋96003 99153✋

1.Can I clean vinyl flooring with water? 🗨

Yes, you can use water to clean the vinyle flooring area. 👈

1.Do vinyl flooring dealers in Coimbatore provide installation services? 🗨

Yes, they cost you including the price of installation charges also.👈

Best Modular Kitchen Designers 🏆🏆🏆 Wed, 18 Mar 2020 14:34:05 +0000

Best Modular Kitchen Designers In Coimbatore?💥💥

best modular kitchen designers in coimbatore It is more important than ever to know who is everything, and how we as a customer can determine how they are the best modular kitchen designers.💡

Oh that’s right !! So how do you know how to know that ?? Depending on the 4 main topics listed below, you can very easily decide which modular kitchen designers you approach, whether or not he is the best.💡

Four things to find the best modular kitchen designer

1.Based On Budget

2.Based On Outlook

3.Based On Communication

4.Based On Time

Based On Budget

It is important to note that Modular Kitchen is first made using various materials. This is because the total cost of your kitchen is determined by which material you choose.💡

Therefore, the best modular kitchen designers in the coimbatore are those who can recommend the right price material according to your budget.💡

Based On Outlook

You have no concerns about the price. But you think the design should be fantastic. First you need to get the perfect 3d design from your modular kitchen designer. Because 3d design is more than any other activity, it gives the customer 100 percent understanding of design.💡

So whoever gives you the perfect 3d design is the best modular kitchen designers in coimbatore.💡

Based On Communication

Communication is not how you talk to someone. Do you understand what he is talking about? Is only important. So the best modular kitchen designers in the coimbatore – “they need to be a communicator to give you a proper understanding of the kitchen”. If not, then you have come together but it was different.💡

So who exactly communicates according to you? He is one of the best modular kitchen designers in the coimbatore.💡

Based On Time

Time is the most important thing. Because most of the time, when you think of building your new home, you probably won’t be able to finish most of the time on that date. The most important reason for this is your contractor.💡

So the best modular kitchen designers in the coimbatore can be the one who finishes you on the expected date, or the contractor’s completion date.💡


You must first decide which of the following is most important to you and which is not. Then decide on your modular kitchen designer to fit it.💡

Sometimes the above four things can be very important to you. So you have to choose the designer that suits you.💡

For home interior design needs contact us on 96003 99153.✋✋✋

Visit and for more information on interior designing.✋✋

PVC vs Plywood Which is best for Modular Kitchen? 🤔🤔 Wed, 18 Mar 2020 11:25:00 +0000
PVC and Plywood Which of these two is best for Modular Kitchen?😊😊

Your question is which of the two suits you best either plywood or PVC. This question cannot be answered directly. This means that for your question to be answered correctly, you need to keep in mind the following seven things👇👇

2.Termite Proof
3.Water Proof
4.Weight Carring Capacity
5.Accessories Market
6.Color Options

1.Price 📌

PVC is less than the cost of plywood. So if you think about budget, your choice is definitely PVC. The price of plywood is much higher than the PVC price.💡

2.Termite Proof 📌

PVC is a plastic material. So attacking termites and other  insects does not happen to the PVC. But plywood is not, and the first year itself the bear may be attacked. Twenty years may be nothing. This will depend on the environment of your home. How you care is also very important. It is essential that you know about BWR, BWP and MARINE PLYWOOD.💡

3.Water Proof 📌

PVC is a plastic material. The water is therefore not subject to any attack. You need to take care of plywood  with great care. Otherwise the longer run is more likely to become worse tomorrow.💡

4.Weight Carring Capacity 📌

PVC is a very lightweight material. So it is not too heavy. This means that its weight-bearing capacity is low compared to plywood. So if you want to store or use overweight or overweight items, Plywood is the best choice for you.💡

5. Accessories Market 📌

All kitchen accessories available in the market are made for plywood. Only basic kitchen accessories, such as baskets and pullots, can be used for PVC kitchens. But no matter what the kitchen accessories are, they can be easily used in materials like PLYWOOD, MDF, WPC, PARTICLE BOARD, ALUMINUM, STEEL. So if you want to use more kitchen accessories, plywood is the best choice for you.💡

6.Color Options 📌

As far as color options are concerned, there are very few in PVC. But plywood is not so, and more than a thousand colors can be made with plywood. It is best to choose plywood if you want the color variants you like.💡

7.Outlook 📌

Plywood can only satisfy you if you think beautiful looks are important. Because plywood can be used with plane. LAMINATE, VENEER, PU PAINTING, PRELAM BOARDS and many more.💡

🔥🔥 For more information on interior designing please visit .

Contact us on 😊96003 99153😊 if you would like to set up a modular kitchen for your home.

PVC Modular Kitchen – A to Z details of PVC 💰💰 Tue, 17 Mar 2020 15:48:28 +0000
Pvc Modular Kitchen - A to Z Details of PVC 💰💰

Do you want to set up a pvc modular kitchen for your home? You have come to the right place. We have pvc modular kitchens for different customers. Our company has a lot of customers, especially in Coimbatore. PVC and pvc modular kitchen is a material that has no hassles like water solids and rusting.💡

Most products we use on a daily basis are PVC. The longevity of PVC is very high.💡

Here we provide a very detailed description of the different needs of our most important customers. Our company specialists design the best pvc modular kitchens with the latest materials and latest technology.💡

What is Pvc Modular Kitchen? 🔥

The pvc modular kitchen is prepared with PVC PANEL. PVC is made in factories with a kind of plastic ingredient.💡

This type of material, made of PVC, protects itself from 100% water. It is also safe from insects and termites. PVC serves most applications in the current period. Drinking water pipes are often present PVC.💡

polyvinyl chloride -PVC is an extension of PVC. Most of the houses in the Coimbatore area are currently equipped with PVC Modular Kitchen. This is because of its characteristics and its ability to do so at a cost.💡

Benefits of PVC modular kitchen 🔥
1.Rust free
2.Termite free
3.Water proof
5.Easy installation
6.Maintanance free
Rust free📌

PVC is a plastic material. So the chance of it getting rust is not clean. So PVC is rust-free compared to iron equipment.💡

Termite free📌

The canines live on wood. They are able to penetrate the tree easily and consume them. This is why many people are thinking of buying wooden luggage. You do not have to worry about this problem as far as PVC is concerned, because the charcoal does not easily attack and eat plastic.💡

All of the above information applies to cockroaches, not just to shorebirds.💡

Water proof📌

Plywood furniture is waterproof. Plywood furniture should be taken care of. Otherwise our time and money would be wasted.💡

But you don’t need to worry about watering the PVC. This is because water has no effect on the PVC site.💡


PVC is very inexpensive compared to iron aluminum and plywood. This is the most important reason why most people use PVC Modular Kitchen. PVC Modular Kitchen is the first choice for a home buyer based on an investment. PVC Modular Kitchen today is also a choice for budget builders.💡

Easy installation📌

PVC Modular Kitchen can be set up in a very simple way. PVC Modular Kitchen is a highly skilled workforce currently under development. PVC is a great choice if you want to set up a kitchen quickly and within a specified number of days. A house with a thousand square feet can be completed within a maximum of 15 days.💡

Maintenance free📌

Maintenance free is the name of a substance which increases its lifespan. You should definitely pay extra attention to WOOD. Otherwise its life will not be as you expected. But the PVC doesn’t have this obsession. PVC does not have headaches such as water, thawing and rusting.💡

PVC Modular Kitchen Layouts 🔥
Types Of Modular Kitchen Layouts

Modular Kitchen is like a Moden Furniture every kitchen cabinet includes kitchen accessories. The modular kitchen is more beautiful than the traditional kitchen. Accessibility means that the modular kitchen is better than the regular traditional kitchen. Modular Kitchen Install In Many Homes. When it comes to women, Modular Kitchen is such an inevitable thing. Call to set up the modular kitchen coimbatore.💡

Layout types🔥

1.L shaped modular kitchen layout

2.Straight modular kitchen layout

3.U shaped modular kitchen layout

4.Parallel shaped kitchen

5.Island modular kitchen layout


As far as India is concerned, the L type kitchen is almost 90% of most households. The reason is that Medium Size and Compact Size homes are perfect for this. Also, in India and Tamil Nadu homes, the kitchen area is mostly in the Corner Area and it is a L type kitchen. Call to set up the modular kitchen coimbatore.💡


This kind of concept is not a straight line kitchen. The smaller type of kitchen can say so. Set up a very nice aerial kitchen – this straight line layout is perfect. Call to set up the modular kitchen coimbatore.💡


U SHAPED MODULAR KITCHEN LAYOUT is the same as the English alphabet U or the Tamil alphabetic pa, as in Berlin. This is almost like a big kitchen. This kitchen is pretty good compared to the L type kitchen. Call to set up the modular kitchen coimbatore.💡


The straight type kitchen is what it looks like if you are on either side of the kitchen room. This type of kitchen is likely to fit the design of the house. Call to set up modular kitchen chennai.💡


The big size kitchen uppin can say this. The Island Land Kitchen can be located as both the L TYPE and the straight line kitchen combine and the Breakfast Cabinet Kitchen sits in the middle of the room. Iland Kitchen is a great solution for those who want a great kitchen.💡

Questions and answers 🔥
Is PVC Suitable for Modular Kitchen Setting?💥

Definitely suitable. This is because it is not affected by water. The kitchen area is mostly water use. So the PVC Modular Kitchen would be better suited for this. The tag can be assembled at a very low price. Unaffected by canines.💡

Which PVC or WPC is better?💥

The best of both. Both items are waterproof. These two products are not affected by water like plywood. The color options are very low compared to the BBC. But WPC may not use laminated and lick acrylic sheets on it.💡

What are the disadvantages of PVC?💥

Despite the variety of advantages in PVC, there are a few drawbacks. There are fewer colors in PVC.💡

And is not capable of withstanding excessive heat.💡

Is pvc cheaper than plywood?💥

Of course. Its low price point has taken it to the masses. Pvc’s are less expensive than plywood, depending on where you live from 20 to 40 percent.💡

How long is PVC?💥

It lasts 5 to 20 years depending on the application and the maintenance.💡

Workable. So it will last an average of ten years.💡

How Much Does It Cost To Set Up Modular Kitchen?💥

It can vary completely depending on your needs. However, the possibility of setting up a Modular Kitchen with a minimum of Rs. 30000 and up to a maximum of Rs.💡

Contact 9600399153 to find out exactly how much your kitchen will cost.💡

Why set up Modular Kitchen?💥

In today’s fashionable era, the kitchen is the ideal of all women to be beautiful, clean and healthy. The solution, of course, is to build a modular kitchen.💡

What’s possible with PVC MATERIAL?💥











Pvc Modular Kitchen Accessories List?💥

1.Cutlery Basket

2.Palin Basket

3.Thali Basket

4.Cup And Saucer Basket

5.Bottle Pullout

5 Important Benefits of pvc modular kitchen – click here

For home interior design needs contact us on ✋96003 99153✋.

Visit and for more information on interior designing.✋✋✋

Modular kitchen coimbatore Mon, 03 Sep 2018 12:19:21 +0000

modular kitchen coimbatore


So we made the Modular kitchen your favorite part of the house?

Is it the appearance, quality, creative or Unique style?

At Bluefox Interio we trust it’s all of the above and more.

We supply cost effectively modular kitchen with elegant designs.

Our professional designers each one of the modular kitchen with affection and carefulness to fulfill your needs.

Select from hundreds of options and more.

A Modular kitchen made for you as per your style, family size and budget.


modular kitchen coimbatore


modular kitchen coimbatore


modular kitchen coimbatore


modular kitchen coimbatore


modular kitchen coimbatore

Know Your Kitchen

BLUEFOX INTERIO modular kitchen coimbatore DESIGN

There is something for everyone

ELEGANT LOOKS FOR YOUR modular kitchen Coimbatore

BLUEFOX INTERIO modular kitchen coimbatore is an online solution provider with an end to end solution for your A-Z renovation needs.

With great quality offering clubbed with best prices bluefox interio offers a diverse range of products, Modular kitchens and diverse range of looks for your house.

With unmatched customer service bluefox interio promises best in class service from Civil work to interior design, modular kitchen and even expert home interior designing services.




modular kitchen coimbatore


modular kitchen coimbatore


modular kitchen coimbatore









modular kitchen coimbatore


modular kitchen coimbatore





BOOK FREE CONSULTATION modular kitchen Coimbatore


Talk to an professional

The consultation fee is absolutely free and there are no hidden charges

modular kitchen coimbatore You can also call us on Phone  95140 19199, 95140 22334

Kitchen accessories – All you need, to looking modular kitchen Coimbatore

Even if you don’t have the luxury of remodeling your kitchen, you can still up its efficiency and accessibility quotient by installing kitchen accessories.

There are a lot of style decisions for Modular kitchen accessories nowadays.

These styles comprise of a scope of modules like cupboards, divider and floor tiles, worktop, kitchen apparatuses, kitchen frill, fittings, and different gears.

Any little change in a module can have an enormous effect in the presence of the kitchen.

There is a great deal of kitchen accessories and items accessible in the business sector.

Gone are the days when cooking felt like a chore.

Equipped with latest technologies and modern kitchen accessories,

today’s Indian modular kitchens facilitate easy meal preparation, organization and storage.

Here are some of the modular kitchen accessories –

Roll-Out Trays Storage

With the installation of roll out trays , you don’t have to hunt for your spoons stuck at the end of the drawer or kneel down to look for plates that are positioned at the end of the cabinet .

Shelving does not have to be much deeper than 12 or 13 inches to accommodate everyday items.

You  Rollout shelves are a great option for base cabinets.

They come in a multifarious  sizes, styles and materials.

If you have larger items to be stored, you can usually fit only two rollouts.

Roll out trays makes the usage of drawers and cabinets much more easy.

Moreover , these trays can be used to utilize the generally unutilized spaces like under the sink .

You can utilize that space for keeping the washing powder ,floor cleaning liquids or may be the dusting cloth. 

Maxi Waste Bin

A simple door garbage bin that swings out toward you when you open the door helps contain messes.

A dustbin kept in the kitchen anywhere looks dingy.

It’s much better to install it within the cabinets.

A maxi waste bin solves the problem.

Swiveling Basket

This swiveling system works well in upper cabinets.

It offers accessibility, flexibility and organization by bringing items closer.

Tall units-

Tall units are an integral part of kitchen design,

especially in cases where one needs to store huge amounts of groceries.

These modular kitchen accessories utilize vertical spaces.

These units when closed look like a part of the kitchen’s wall.

Giving the space a clean look while accommodating diverse items from oil and more in differently sized drawers and shelves.

Its main USP is that is does not utilize horizontal spaces and provides room for other cabinets and shelves.

Pull outs –

Pull outs make the best use of narrow spaces in the kitchen.

Usually installed near the dishwasher or towards either end of the kitchen, these modular kitchen accessories are designed with narrow shelves, making items easy to spot and access.

They  are available in various  widths and ranges and can be used to keep diverse items like canned foods, bottles, jars, cleaning agents and more.

Cutlery trays-

With compartments to hold everything from spoons, forks, knives, rolling pins and more in an organized manner, cutlery trays are versatile.

must-have modular kitchen accessories for every home. Modular kitchen accessory

Corner magic!

Most of the time, corner spaces in kitchens typically go unused.

However, you can access the most unused corners of your kitchen with Lemans corner which features kidney-shaped pull out shelves that rotate beyond the standard 90 degrees so that they fully retract into the back.

Other solutions include Dee tray, Magic corner and more.

They are suitable for both upper and lower cabinets.

There are a lot of other accessories that comprises of the whole section of Indian modular kitchen accessories, for that contact us through our consultation page.

Cost estimates –

You don’t need to spend a fortune to install kitchen accessories!

The price of a accessories will depend upon factors like materials, quality, brand.

Consult an interior designer and let them know what you want and what you do not want in your kitchen.

Just make sure that whatever accessory you buy is of good and reasonable quality.

Obviously, if you spend on a good quality accessory, it will be worth it and will last long.

Cheap quality accessories go out of order quickly.

Kitchen accessory is not a thing that you can tinker with on a daily basis.

Hence make sure, that whichever accessory you install is of good quality.

Here are some cost estimates of each accessory mentioned above -(Provide the cost estimate)

Kitchen accessory brands – modular kitchen Coimbatore Accessories

Here are certain kitchen accessory brands that you can look upto –

Hafele kitchen accessories

Hafele brings to you an exciting range of kitchen accessories that offers effective utilization of space and is accompanied with world-class functionality.

Quality and environmental management at Häfele is an important and integral component of their company philosophy.

Quality standards are always being improved by means of continuous further development in their kitchen cabinet accessories section.

Hettich kitchen accessories –

The Hettich brand is synonymous with quality, innovation, reliability and closeness to customers the world over.

Technology for furniture – that’s their passion.

Their  furniture hardware solutions excite people across the globe.

The secret: awareness of quality, joy of innovating, constant dialogue with customers and reliability.

Their staff act in line with these values, something that doesn’t go unnoticed.

The result: thrilled furniture owners with best modular kitchen accessories installed.

Ebco kitchen accessories

Ebco believes that its customers must never have to choose between quality and affordability.

That geographical boundaries must never hinder the availability of world class products.

They have a full range of office furniture hardware solutions including a variety of computer keyboard trays, CPU stations, flat screen monitor holders, cable organizers, tablet holders and other accessories.

Our office furniture hardware solutions are designed to make office spaces comfortable, elegant and productive.

In our quest to become India’s one stop source of furniture hardware solutions, they also partner with world renowned market leading brands.

Over the past two years, we have significantly widened their range of products with a special focus on the kitchen and accessories segment.

Their strengths in this segment include broad product range from world-class European specialist brands, best-in-segment quality standards, cutting edge features and fair pricing.

Kitchen ergonomics and kitchen triangle!

An ergonomically designed kitchen should be well organized in a way to increase the efficiency and reduce the time required.

The “kitchen work triangle” should be considered while designing the layout for a kitchen (Refer the article on the kitchen work triangle).

It aims at making the three working areas of the kitchen easily accessible by keeping them at most efficient distance apart.

Lighting too plays an important part in the kitchen and adequate lighting becomes a requirement while working in the kitchen.

Important areas of lighting are ones under the kitchen cabinets where you prepare your food and when you are cooking.

While using a knife, you’ll need sufficient light all around, because in lack of adequate lighting you might end up in a hazardous situation.

When you are cooking you need light above the stove. Adequate lighting reduces the risk of accidents that might happen while working in the kitchen.

The Kitchen Triangle is not an idea one might be familiar with.

While undertaking the construction or renovation of a kitchen, a kitchen triangle is the best way to go.

The concept of the kitchen triangle is not as complex as it seems.

The kitchen triangle is a simple concept that aims at saving time and energy by efficiently designing the path between the three units of storage, cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.

It connects the three main work areas of the kitchen – The refrigerator, cooking range/stove and the sink.

The idea is to keep the main cooking areas confined to one part of the kitchen.

So that the other spaces can be utilized optimally.

When these three elements are in proper proximity to one other, the kitchen will be easier and more efficient to use, cutting down on wasted steps, time and energy.

A kitchen triangle can be set up in a limited budget to make the kitchen efficient in a minimal cost.

Concept of Kitchen Work Triangle

The concept for the kitchen work triangle was developed in the 1940s when kitchens were very small with large and heavy appliances.

Even though the rule is quite old now the kitchen work triangle still is a simple and cost efficient way to make optimal use of the limited kitchen space.

As a general guideline of the kitchen triangle, the distance between these areas should be no less than 4 feet and no larger than 9 feet.

The sum of all three sides of the triangle should be between 13 feet and 26 feet.

The concept of the kitchen triangle is dynamic and can be designed to suit one’s needs and purpose.

The lengths of the triangle don’t have to be completely even.

The shape of the triangle depends on what kind of kitchen shape one has.

It needs to be taken care that the lines of the triangle aren’t blocked by trash cans, cabinets and other kitchen necessities in the wrong place which will make the cooking process a hassle.

What needs to be taken care above all is that the kitchen should be suitable for one’s use and the concept of the kitchen triangle not being a concrete rule leaves scope for deviations in order to set the kitchen up according to one’s preferences and requirements depending upon the kitchen area, shape of the kitchen and the theme and style.

The triangle formed in a U-shaped kitchen will be significantly different than the one formed in an L-shaped kitchen.


We put our brain and brawn into your home projects to help you create your own dream house with top sublime interiors.

At Bluefox interio, we offer a wide variety of professional services to help you renovate your home or office space.

We are renovation specialists and our role is to deliver your dream renovation, within your budget.

We produce a well-constructed plan and design for our clients.

We provide professional experts, hard-work repair and Building material experts to understand your needs.

Our team consists of Architects, builders, designers, maintenance work specialists and Highly Skilled Labor.

We also render a free maintenance contract for a limited time after the renovation.

We give our clients high-quality finished products in lowest cost.

Our contacts in the field enable us to get skilled workmanship for less price than any home owner would get for a single project which minimizes the cost of renovation at every step.

We provide concept drawings and 3D digital designs for you to comprehend better.

We use augmented reality to give you a preview of what your house will look like. Our 3D drawings will help you visualize the end look of the renovation before you even start.

Poor management can make you feel renovation as a never ending project.

At bluefox interio, we design a perfectly well structured plan to complete your renovation project on time and within your budget.

We at bluefox interio help you deliver you the X-factor you need for your dream home.

Our in-house team of designers is committed to provide you with the exact design you need.

Our new section of the blog – DO IT THE RIGHT WAY series provides some very useful construction and renovation tips .

Bluefox interio team is dedicated to provide excellence in maintenance with a 6 months’ F.O.C after service contract.

Should you experience a problem or need assistance our team is ready to assist, no matter how small the issue is!

For further queries ,modular kitchen coimbatore  you can contact us and visit our for more info –